Grilled Shrimp N Veggies


Need an easy weeknight meal that won’t leave you feeling bloated and miserable? Here’s the plan for you!  It’s relatively quick and easy to get on the table.  I use my gas grill on the back porch to fix this meal.

Start with some really fresh shrimp.  We have a fantastic seafood market in our area and this is where I usually go for my shrimp.  Make a simple marinade for the shrimp using:

 olive oil
lots of garlic (6 cloves or more)
salt and pepper
fresh squeezed lemon juice
 fresh herbs of choice
 I had some basil that needed to be used up so I chopped it up and threw that in, too.  Cilantro would also work well.   I just eyeball the amount of ingredients and toss everything into a ziplock baggie, then into the fridge it goes for a little while.  I let it sit while I get my grill heated up.  I also reserve a small amount of marinade to use for basting.  I don’t like using marinade for basting that has had the raw meat or fish sitting in it.  YUK!
Next, I chop up any veggies that need to be eaten.  I really like a combo of bell pepper, onion, cherry tomato, mushroom and asparagus. I do a rough chop and try to have things in bites size pieces.  Takes less time to cook on the grill if they are a bit smaller.
The last bit of prep for this meal was to make a balsamic dressing.  Again I don’t really measure so I will give my best guesstimates.
1 garlic clove, minced
1-2 tsp dijon mustard
1 tsp. salt and pepper
1/3 cup balsamic vinegar
Whisk these ingredients together in a bowl.
1 cup Olive oil
Slowly drizzle olive oil into balsamic mixture while continuing to whisk.  Your arm might get a bit tired but it will all emulsify nicely.  Taste your mixture and adjust olive oil or vinegar to suit your taste!
Use this dressing for your salad and to top the grilled veggies!
Put the veggies on the grill first.  They take about 20 minutes on a hot grill to get all charred and yummy.
Then when veggies are just about ready throw the shrimp on the grill.  They cook really fast!
When you take the veggies off the grill add a few tablespoons of your balsamic dressing and a few basil leaves cut into tiny shreds.  Mix thoroughly.  This really does add a great flavor!
Served with a simple salad on the side.  Nothing fancy here for weeknight meals.  As you can see we pop it on the plate and chow down!

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